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Chauvel Industrial Services is an experienced and qualified team of personnel who have been

supplying Heavy Industry with maintenance and facility services since 1997. It is our policy to provide efficient, prompt and reliable services to meet our customer requirements every time.


We pride ourselves on professionalism in every aspect of our business and our Policies and Procedures

apply to all phases of the life cycle of our operations. Wherever we operate we want to do so with integrity - making the right decisions and doing things the right way.


Through innovation our goals are to exceed our customer’s expectations in all areas of our business:

  • Develop and maintain close working relationships with our clients that are built on professionalism, trust, and confidentiality.

  • Always conduct business to ensure the company remains in a position of zero conflict of interest.

  • Continually improve in all areas of our business and be open to positive change.

  • Have every employee share in our commitment to all our Policies and Business systems.

  • Provide adequate training to ensure the job is carried out by comprehensively qualified staff.

  • Consistently deliver high quality services on all challenging projects.

  • Strive to continuously improve our performance by establishing objectives and targets, carrying out regular reviews and audits, and acting quickly on non-conformances and incidents.

  • Measure and Monitor our performance against our quality objectives regularly, consistently, and honestly using the results to develop effective measures aimed at business improvement.


Evidence of our commitment to develop and continually improve the management system is through

reviewing the management objectives, changing them as required, regular review meetings, conducting

internal audits, regular inspections of products, and implementing corrective and preventative actions.

This is OUR promise to YOU

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